The last couple of weeks have been a crazy blur of activity between moving and preparing for Easter. I wanted to pause today to celebrate God’s goodness and grace.

I am grateful for God’s provision. He has given us a wonderful house, in a neighborhood loaded with missionary opportunity, and at an affordable price. We’re excited to call Rock Hill home now and look forward to building our lives here.

I am grateful for our church. North Rock Hill Church has been so gracious in receiving us. You have also been a huge blessing as we have moved. We’ve had meals and groceries provided along with tons of help getting moved and settled. I am honored to be your pastor, we’re honored to join you, and we’re thrilled about what is ahead.

I am grateful for our staff and volunteers. You pushed and worked very hard to prepare for a challenging Easter schedule and you pulled it off masterfully. 5 services, 5 teams of volunteers, lots of new volunteers, lots of new attenders…you guys were incredible and I am very proud of you!

I am grateful for the way the people of NRHC invited friends to Easter at North Rock Hill. There were a ton of new attenders at NRHC this weekend and so many of them were invited by NRHC partners and attenders. That is awesome! Keep the relationship and conversation going and invite them back this week!

I am grateful for the many people who trusted Jesus as Savior last weekend. In every service, there were multiple people who indicated they had trusted Jesus as Savior! They walked in dead in their sin and walked out ALIVE IN CHRIST! That is a transformation that will impact generations to come in their lives and families. And that NEVER GETS OLD!

I am grateful for God’s strength and healing. I came down with a crazy stomach bug after our two Saturday night services. I was up all night and somehow, by God’s grace, made it through the 3 Sunday morning services. Our middle daughter had it as well. I am just now getting over that crazy thing!

I am grateful for my family. They have been so resilient with this transition. The girls have made fast friends in Rock Hill and Lara Beth has been incredible throughout the process. And, I am grateful for LB’s parents and my Mom who have been invaluable in helping us pack, move, and unpack.

Most of all, I am grateful for Jesus. He is ALL…and I am learning to rest in that more and more as He stretches me as a disciple, husband, dad, and pastor.

So, that’s a few of the big reasons I am grateful today. I’m sure you have seen God at work in and around you as well. Take some time today to celebrate God’s goodness and express your gratitude.


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  1. Bill,nGreat info – thanks! I read this with much interest, having a Sparrow in the back yard which I just got sailing this last summer. Mine had Click

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