Friday Five

Five sort of random but important tidbits for your Friday reading enjoyment…

  1. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to predict that the world would end on a specific date and then spend millions of dollars marketing the date all over the world? Wonder if that guy will have trouble sleeping tonight? In all seriousness, for helpful commentary on how to rightly think about Jesus’ return and what to do with this prediction, check out Dr. Albert Mohler, my seminary President, and his thoughts.
  2. I’m really looking forward to preaching part 4 of the Family Vacation series this Sunday at Awaken. I’m praying that God will use this sermon to radically change the direction of marriages and families – I believe He will. Get there and get your friends there for what promises to be a great day!
  3. You can still sign up to be in a Community Group at Awaken. Groups will begin meeting again in June. Don’t miss this chance to connect with others in Awaken, to grow as a follower of Jesus, and to be on mission together in our city. For more on Community Groups at Awaken and to sign-up for one, visit our website.
  4. We are officially inside of 3 weeks until the arrival of Baby Girl Hardwick #3! Excitement is definitely building in our house as we paint rooms, set-up the nursery, get our 2 daughters adjusted to sharing a room, wash and organize baby stuff, etc. Can’t wait to welcome her to our family! We covet your prayers for LB and this new blessing!
  5. Last but not least…I have a HUGE announcement for Awaken on Sunday that will have a major impact on our immediate future and our ability to make God’s name great through lives changed by the gospel. I can’t wait to share what God has done, the opportunity He has given us, and what we believe He’s going to do!

The Trifecta

Last summer, Lara Beth and  I had a strong sense that our family was not complete. We thank God for and love our two girls more than words can express. But, there was still a sense that someone was missing.

By God’s grace, we found out not too much later than Hardwick Baby #3 was on the way. As we began to share the big news, the words would barely be out of our mouths before the number one question would come: “Oh, don’t you want it to be a boy?” Even our girls both said they wanted a baby brother. Not going to lie…I kind of wanted it to be a boy, too.

A little over a week ago, we had the ultrasound and found out…quite clearly, I might add…that we are going to have another girl. Yep, the Hardwick Trifecta is in full force! When it was clear…did I mention it was VERY obvious…that it was a girl, my heart sank a bit.

The baby and Lara Beth were very healthy and tracking along nicely, which was good. But there was this weird sense of disappointment going on inside of me. Then, I was upset with myself for feeling this way about this precious miracle that God has given us.

As we waited to see the doctor, my sweet wife could tell I was wrestling with myself a bit. Then, she said, “Look at it this way. You’ll get 3 son in-laws one day.” When she said that, I first thought about the 3 weddings to pay for in order to get those 3 son in-laws..cha ching! Then, I saw the big picture.

God has given me a huge responsibility. God decided that He wanted us to have 3 girls. No amount of hoping or wishing on anyone’s part could have altered God’s sovereign, good, pleasing, and perfect will. He chose daughters for us, and with them, comes enormous responsibility for me as their earthly dad.

They’ll select their husbands…my son in-laws…based largely on what they see in me.

How they see me love and pursue Jesus will impact them. How they see me love, pursue, honor, and nurture their mom will impact them. How they see me lead our family will impact them. How I love, lead, and invest in them will impact them.

In other words, God has given me the responsibility of modeling for them what a godly man looks like…and therefore, what they should look for in their husband. Talk about a huge, life altering vision.

If they marry selfish, immature jerks who treat them like objects, it will be largely because that’s what they saw in me. If they marry humble, godly men who love Jesus, love them, and lead them well, it will be largely because of what they saw in me and what they see in their ultimate hero, Jesus.

I definitely know what I want. I want a trifecta of girls who love, follow, and serve Jesus with all their heart. And I want a trifecta of son in-laws who love, follow, and serve Jesus and will love and lead my girls well.

So, my sons are coming. Between now and then, I have the responsibility to shape what they will look like.

I’m okay with that.